What is ebookstalktome? Ebookstalktome prepares manuscripts, both fiction and non-fiction, for ereaders, specializing in "enhanced' ebooks in .epub format. Enhanced ebooks include audio and/or video.

Are you an online publisher? Yes.

What do you do to prepare my manuscript? Online publication requires that text is formatted in new ways for viewing on ereaders and mobile devices. We format so that it will read properly on these products.

What are your qualifications and why are you unique? Our team consists of computer professionals who are also designers, editors, writers and artists. Many ebooks today are formatted by people who are proficient in computer skills, but often lack the experience or expertise in the visual details of designing the written word. This expertise allows ebookstalktome to bring exceptional skills to your project.

Can you provide my manuscript with an ISBN? Yes, if you want one or it is necessary.

Can you get my work for sale online? Yes.

Can you help me with cover art? Yes! We can design an attractive cover for you as well as provide other graphics.

How much do you charge? Each publication is unique. We need to find out some basics about your manuscript to give you a price quote. However, charges begin at $500.

What if my manuscript is not completed? You need to smooth over the rough edges of your drafts first. Manuscripts need to be in print-ready condition.

When my ebook is for sale online, are you paid a percentage of the proceeds? Yes, if you choose us to represent your publication online, we charge a 10% fee for each book sold. If you choose to have the finished files returned to you, that is your choice, and you would only be responsible for formatting and/or artwork charges.

What if I don't want to sell my ebook? That's fine. Not all ebooks are designed for sale. Some are just personal projects to share with a few people. Or you may have a manual that your business needs to distribute to employees, agents and clients. The beauty of ebooks is that they can be large or small.

Do you print traditional books (i.e., paper books or "pbooks?") No.

Who exactly are you? We are a team of award-winning design professionals with broad computer, writing, editing and design backgrounds.

How long does it take to prepare an ebook? To format a manuscript correctly, it's a process. Beware quickie answers and services. Quality ebook formatting requires time and ingenuity. It depends on the project, but 4 weeks is generally the minimum.

Why should I consider your services? We understand writing and design. We respect your efforts and realize that:

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