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Newest releases:

Diary of a Mad Man's Daughter

"Diary of a MadMan's Daughter" by E.J. Sullivan. If you love the television show "Mad Men" or just 60s retro, you'll love this memoir of what it was like to grow up with a father much like Don Draper. With wit and grit the woman who walked in the shoes of a real life Sally Draper tells what the lifestyle, hopes and heartaches were all about with a father who lived large, whose persona was larger than life, and who crashed nearly as magnificently as he lived.


"Alternative Pathways Inn,"
a collection of essays
by The Blind Wanderer
(aka Wanda Carruthers). It's an
"enhanced" MOOVEBOOK
with audio and video. The movie in the enhanced version can be viewed on an iPad or Nook if purchased through iTunes. The version without the movie can be purchased on Amazon and barnesandnoble.com.

Alternative Pathways Inn



"It's A Dog's Life" by D. Ogden Smyth is an enhanced children's ebook
about a dog named Two Spots
and the special adventure of one of his friends, Rusty, available on iTunes, Amazon and barnesandnoble.com. Enhanced version can only be purchased on iTunes, but can be viewed with audio and video on the iPad and Nook Color ereaders. Also available as a digital download audiobook on iTunes, Amazon and other locations where digital audio books are available.

It's a Dog's Life



Espionage thriller "The Exchange Student"

Kirkus review states: "Agencies and emissaries spanning the globe hope to thwart
an assassination attempt on the president of the United States
in the second novel featuring retired CIA agent Ike Blass (The Leningrad Affair, 2011).

British agency MI6 sends operatives to Madrid with an assignment to subvert a terrorist plot that's already been initiated.
One of the terrorists, Amin, is tracked to Cuba, where it is believed that a dying Fidel Castro's power will soon shift to his brother,
Gen. Raul Castro. It's here in Cuba where many of the story's players congregate:
Blass enlisted to neutralize a Cuban training camp, Maria Lopez of MI6
with a vendetta, another CIA agent working covertly and Cuban exile Jesus Cantu foiling a double-cross.
The author's gleefully convoluted novel introduces characters at a rapid-fire pace, and as such,
most partners don't stay partners for long in ever-changing circumstances. Some of them even
seem to disappear only to return at an integral moment, like Pedro, in the U.S. illegally
(dubbing him an "exchange student") and deported to Mexico. Blass is initially
a supporting character in his own story, but he becomes the focus as he and Lopez keep
their eyes on Amin before they ultimately turn toward one another. Amin, as the central villain,
is more complex than his narrative counterpart, particularly with the occasional glimpses of
his family's catastrophic past. He proves charming with the ladies, an advantage
when he can work it in his favor (using a woman as a means of
gaining entrance to Mexico, en route to the U.S.) but simultaneously
his greatest flaw, as the opposite sex
tends to distract him from his operation. Blass may return in a future book, but any number
of the other characters (whether or not that character makes it to the end),
especially the composed, capable Jesus Cantu, could easily handle his or her own series.

Story and characters that surprise and entertain on a multitude of levels will have
readers drumming their fingers on Kindle screens awaiting
Terry's next novel."

The Exchange Student

The Exchange Student is available on iTunes, Amazon and barnesandnoble.com.


Espionage thriller "The Leningrad Affair,"
available on iTunes, Amazon and barnesandnoble.com.

The Leningrad Affair


"From Pain to Painless" by Pete Smith is a patient's personal diary of hip replacement surgery
with tips on improving your hospital stay and easing your recovery. Find it on
iTunes, Amazon and barnesandnoble.com.

From Pain To Painless

Currently in production:

"A Seed from the Serpent" by Noel Hubbard. This captivating Southern saga could be one of the century's greatest works.



"The Texians" by Warren Terry. This prequel goes back to the generations before Terry's Ike Blass espionage thrillers to the Wild West and the Blass family of that era.

Want to get a handle on your finances? Take a look at "The Easy Budget" by Owen Tew, for sale now on Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com and iTunes.

The Easy Budget

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